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About BACC

BACC offers configuration, logistics and installation services all around networked workstations for medium-sized businesses.
Our clients include external and internal IT service providers, system vendors and IT manufacturers.

We’re quick and flexible, highly efficient and professional.

One of our greatest strengths? Our ability to implement ever-changing requirements quickly and dependably, while always ensuring top-notch quality. We’re dedicated to being extremely flexible and controlling processes in as agile a manner as possible. Which makes us reliable and experienced IT workers!

If you’re familiar with IT processes, you know that exceptions are often the rule.

So we have great rules for dealing with exceptions!

IT processes are standardised, cost-optimised and industrialised. Even so, special requirements arise time and time again, processes which are impossible to find in any service level agreement. Because a corporate computer is still a personal device. Our principle is this: to ensure that IT systems fully comply with central, efficiency-optimised processes AND that they fulfil, to as great an extent as possible, the personal needs of their users. This may seem impossible at times, but we give it our all! And this is why small actions become mighty feats.

Can’t be done? Yes, it can!

We always manage to adapt at short notice to various client requirements. And from experience, let us just say: You’d be surprised at just how much we can get done! We can make so much possible – by increasing manpower or simply space, for example – and are always quick, flexible, and deliver top-quality work.

We won’t go home until every single thing is working!


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